qaid for CM13/12.1

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04. 03. 2016




5.0 and up
! Important ! - this theme requires arcus to use different colors, read more -

this theme is only for roms with theme engine.

qaid - a true leader, changes the way you look at your phone - theme tailored to your individual needs, crafted with distinctive visuals in mind - every single element crafted with pixel-perfect precision, fitting - and fixing small inconsistencies in material design guidelines - ability to choose from six carefully selected color schemes, helps in making your phone - your own, truly material.

qaid was made with attention to every single, even smallest detail, material design perfected to last inch.

qaid supports arcus for it's color changing abilities, read more about arcus -

if you run into any trouble, bugs etc, just visit my google plus support community -

what's included:

- carefully hand-crafted wallpapers
- bootanimations made specifically for qaid
- 6 color schemes to pick from

themed elements:

- statusbar icons
- lockscreen
- notification shade
- settings
- contacts
- dialer
- messages
- google messenger
- gallery
- keyboard (aosp and google)
- google plus
- hangouts
- youtube
- instagram
- wallpapers
- bootanimation
- and more