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05. 01. 2016




4.0 and up
Are you tired of having to manually change your device's Wi-Fi setting when leaving home or coming back home, to save battery usage? Then this app is for you.


Once you have registered your home location, this app will automatically turn off your device's Wi-Fi when you leave your home location and turn it back on when you enter your home location.

The app also provides a facility to automatically turn your device's Wi-Fi off at the end of the day and turn if back on in the morning, if you are at your home location at the specified time.

A toggle widget is also provided for your home screen so that you can quickly toggle the Wi-Fi setting manually. The colour of the widget also indicates the connection status as follows:
- Green: Wi-Fi is enabled and connected to a Wi-Fi access point
- Light blue: Wi-Fi is enabled, but not connected to a Wi-Fi access point
- Amber: Wi-Fi is either being enabled or disabled
- Red: Wi-Fi is disabled

How to set the Location settings for the app:
- Location accuracy - this is the accuracy level your require when your device is determining your home location when you initially enable the app. Typically you should leave this at the default of 25 meters, but if the device cannot determine your location to this level of accuracy, try setting it to the next level.
- Location radius - this is the size of the circular area around your location centre point which will trigger the home location entry/exit event and the associated enabling/disabling of your device's Wi-Fi. Set it to a size that means as you are moving around your home location, you remain within this area, to avoid the Wi-Fi being enabled/disabled unnecessarily.

An event log is also provided from the app menu, so that you can see how the location events are triggered and how the device Wi-Fi is enabled and disabled.