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05. 16. 2016




4.2 and up
What kind of notes would you jot down if you were only limited to 200 characters?

Life is complex ★ Simplify things ★ Amazingly simple to use memo taker app

The concept behind "Short Notes" was we all need a place to keep track of our most important tasks, ideas, or events. With other notebooks, memo apps, and physical journals our notes get jumbled between every other distracting piece of data we jot down. Often we will place important reminders next to our notes about what ingredients to buy for dinner.

With a 100 individual notes limit as well as a 200 character per note limit, you are forcing yourself to focus on concise well written memos that are the most important things circling the top of your mind. Ideas and information that you want to look at the moment you wake up should be written here. With a clear all feature you can get rid of all your irrelevant notes at once and start over.

• 100 Notes Limit - With only 100 individual notes this limits you from writing down every note on your mind. No more placing your note to remember to feed the dog, rather note that you don't forget to book that boarding room for Fido before your Europe trip. Less is more when you write quality notes rather than just more quantity.

• 200 Characters Only - Say more using less words, stay on point. Having a limited number of characters make your thoughts become more concise and specific. Think about the top level ideas that you need to remember, and don't cause yourself to be distracted by the minor details.

• Delete All Notes - When you no longer need to view the same notes over and over again give yourself a blank slate to start over with. Delete all your notes with one click and save yourself time from having to remove each note individually.

• Works While Offline - Our note taking app doesn't need to depend on the internet to work, whether you're in the mountains or in a subway write what you need down and know that it's stored safely on your device for when you need it later.

• Local Storage - All your notes are locally stored on your device, this means your notes are not sent over the air to us at all. We respect your privacy and therefore only you have control of your notes. Please keep in mind that if you delete a note we cannot help you recover it.

• Simple Pleasant UI - Designed with usability in mind, our layout and theme are created to make things easy and intuitive for you. Add new memos with ease, delete them with a single tap, erase all notes with a click, jotting down a note should be about you focusing on writing down your message and not how to get the message written. Our simple design elements help keep you calm and focused.

The next time you need to take a very important note remember to use Short Notes as your main notepad app, for everything else you can use your notebooks.

If you find our app useful please share this app with your friends and family. Also take a second to rate our app in the app store, it will provide us with feedback about our app and help us with improvements on this app and future app.

PS. This app does NOT have any ads.