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Yatse Remote Starter (Beta)

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07. 14. 2016




4.0.3 and up
Start Kodi remotely on your Android TV / Box from Yatse

This application allows you to :
- Start Kodi (even custom builds)
- Bring Kodi to front
- Exit NVIDIA Shield standby mode

All directly from Yatse on your Android TV or compatible Android boxes.

This application is only made for always powered on devices. Like Android TV, Android boxes.
Do not install and activate on a phone or a tablet as it would empty your battery really fast.

After activating the server, you need to configure the WOL port in Yatse to match the one you configured in this application.

Complete documentation at :

This application is still in beta phase, please contact us for any problems for quick resolution.

While in beta to gather feedback from all strange Android boxes, this application is fully tested and working on NVIDIA Shield.

Please use the website / email for support or feature requests, as comments on Play Store do not allow me to gather enough information or contact you back.

Keep in touch:
* Official website :
* Facebook :
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* Google+ :

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