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07. 10. 2016




2.2 and up
Bet Comments – Pro Bet Comments team members is again with you in a combined and common picks.

This team members of this app were gathered together at weekends for years, analyzed the soccer, tennis, volleyball etc to find best betting predictions for themselves. And now they are together again, for you!

Everyone knows that, while in weekdays it is too hard to find surety in betting and at weekend we know you are confusing in the depth of matches and possibilities of their results. You bet and result : Lose! You try hard to gain what you lost and this cycle goes on like this way.

Now, we have an offer to you! Let us to find almost guarantee matches for you, analyze them well and present them with our comments. Pick what ever you like and bet. You win and let us plant pine trees for you.

Hey wait! Pine tree?! Don’t we talking about betting?

The team of Bet Comments, spend their 20% of income of applications and earnings in betting to social responsibility. That means, with 20% of revenue from this app and %20 of revenue from advertisements of Bet Comments we will plant pine trees, earn a living for a family or buy a book for a poor student.

If our application doesn’t satisfy you, always we are open to refund your money with a good reason. Please contact us with developer e-mail and could type what is not pleased you. Do not worry, we will not uproot the pine trees that we planted :)

Always remember, betting is for fun and do not forget to bet that you could afford, risk your money that you face up to.

Good Luck!

Best Regards
Bet Comments Team