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02. 03. 2016




4.0.3 and up
# Would you like to know how to remove this app? You can check at the bottom!

Are you having a hard time focusing on your study just because of the smartphone?
has the solution!

This application blocks all obstructions while studying!

1. Recording 'Study Time' feature

1) Your studying time is recorded by subject
2) Push notifications are blocked while studying
3) Select the necessary apps for study and all other apps will be blocked
4) Smartphone use is completely locked for time set.

2.Statistics feature

1) View study records measured by seconds
2) Daily, weekly, monthly statistics will be provided

** Study Helper will launch a beta version of ‘study group’ feature
Please make a request through reviews. Updates will be made in order of most reviews by country.

** Important! How to remove this application
** Study Helper requires a 'phone administrator' access in order to operate the block feature. This must be unlocked in order to remove this app. There is a ‘phone administrator for deletion' button within settings for your convenience. Press the button before deleting the app.