Interactive Fractal Wallpaper

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Jon DuBois




04. 07. 2016




4.4 and up
This app calculates fractals in real time on your Android device, animating several parameters and allowing you to pan and zoom the image. Battery usage can be adjusted through the settings, allowing for a range of image qualities. The fractal used is called the Mandelbrot set, and the drawing algorithm is similar to Pickover stalks.

A free demo is available at

To adjust fractal parameters, use one finger, to zoom, pan, and rotate the image use two.

To change your wallpaper, you must select "Change Wallpaper" in the app, then select "Live Wallpapers", then select LNZ1 with the paw icon and press "Set Wallpaper".

Please note that as the fractal is calculated in real-time, the zoom is not very deep. This feature may be added in a future release if I can figure out how to do it.