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11. 25. 2015




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Do you convert the same amount frequently?
Do you carry out transactions in different currencies?
If that’s the case, the app CalСon is for you!

CalCon is a handy app that combines the functions of a calculator and a converter. The program is a multifunctional calculator with a minimalist style, you will say “There are many of these calculators already on the market!” But that is not the case. In our app, the functions of a calculator and a converter are significantly more conveniently combined. We provide a quick menu with your latest and favourite conversions. No need to look for the same value if you use a particular operation often! CalCon remembers them for you! Your popular or favourite conversions will be shown on the main screen of the calculator, one click and “Viola!” You’re done!'

- Automatic currency converter;
- Converts popular currencies with one click;
- Handy currency widget even at the lockscreen.
- Split screen support on tablets.
- Multifunctional calculator;
- Converts physical quantities;
- Available percent and trigonometric functions;
- Calculate in degrees and radians;
- It’s free!

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Or are you unsatisfied with a particular function?
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