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Andrey Efremov




09. 22. 2017




4.0.3 and up
Can detect displays, touchscreens, camera models, sensors...
Show CPU, GPU information.

It's PRO version of Device Info HW.
You can create a report with device information.

- General
Primary information about device hardware.
- SoC
Information about CPU and GPU.
- System
Information about android.
- Memory
Information about RAM, disk.
- Camera
Information about camera hardware and software characteristics.
- Battery
Charging / discharging speed.
Battery profile from kernel.
- Temperature
- Sensors
Information about sensors and tests for it. (Interacts with my app Sensor Test 1.2 and above)
- Partitions
Information about emmc partitions (for mtk, rockchip)
- Platform drivers
- Applications
List of installed applications. Support filtering apps.
Last item - open system apps.
Information about power regulator voltage.
- Net
Information about wi-fi connection.
- Input devices
List of input devices. On some devices available info about touchscreen model and sensors.


- Navigation panel

- You can go to other tab or menu by menu item.

- Open engineering menu for mtk.

- Info Center (List of CPU names for Qualcomm, mtk, HiSilicon)

- i2c device list groupped by bus [PRO].

- App Defender for protect your copy.

Reports [PRO]:
Saving in html file format. See example:

- Extra information about battery:
a) Charge / discharge speed.
For 5.0+ via Android API, for mtk special variant.
Discharging speed is current consumption. Ids = Ic
Charging speed is charge current - current consumption. Ics = Icc - Ic
b) Battery profile from kernel mtk, qcom (on some devices available model).
Information is only for reference. And it correct only for the factory battery.

- Show i2c address
- Use root access
(It's need for detecting display on most devices; camera models on qcom; command line of the kernel)

You can upload information about your device. It will be saved in database, available on web page:
You can see all tested devices there.
It available in menu Info-Center.

Supported platforms:
full: Mediatek, Rockchip
partialy: Qualcomm, Exynos, Intel and others

- Prefer detect active devices if possible (in kernel can be some different touchscreens, cameras...)
- Not for all devices can read drivers info, it's depend on soc, vendor. If you want help then upload your device info.
- On some devices with 7.0+ reading sysfs is disabled and primary info is unavailable. I'm researching for fix this.

If you found bugs or have interesting ideas, welcome to xda thread

Requirements :
- Android 4.0.3 and above

Permissions :
- INTERNET permission is required for upload device information. (It's uses only when manual press upload button)
- CAMERA permission is required for getting camera characteristics. (< android 5.0)
- ACCESS_WIFI_STATE permission is required for wi-fi info.