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06. 11. 2019




The AK-47 rifle of Android sound recording! Easy to use, reliable, robust, effective. The recording is made in the background: you can pretend that you aren't recording anything, use your phone as usual. Phone calls are recorded automatically, in my case, after half a year of testing, that's 100% of both incoming and outgoing calls, and 100% of them get automatically uploaded to Google Drive or Dropbox. For audio recording uses, the app provides the best sound quality and depth of detail: 48KHz at 128Kbps (mono, equivalent to 256kbps stereo) in AAC. When recording important meetings and conversations, you can use the depth of detail later in a sound processing software to extract even low whispers from the scene.

Important notice: although this app is created in Russia, it does not send your recorded phone calls and dinner table talks directly to Putin without your consent. However, it can automatically send everying your phone's microphone picks up to your Google Drive, Dropbox, or FTP server, but that needs some setup.

✓ Two recording modes: 1) Microphone recording 2) Phone call recording

✓ Very high maximum sound quality: can be set up to record at 48KHz

✓ Wide choice of optimized sound quality settings: from the most efficient to the most detailed

✓ Can record phone calls from the microphone to bypass the Android 6.0 restriction of the VOICE_CALL audio source

✓ Other sound recording apps will not work with other phone call recording apps because on Android, only one app can record something at a particular moment. Thus, it’s best to use one app for calls and microphone recordings. The app will yield the audio subsystem to phone call recording when a call is made, and return to microphone recording when it’s done

✓ Can record while the app is in the background, you can pretend that you aren’t recording anything

✓ Will automatically upload the recorded files to your preferred cloud storage:
++ Google Drive
++ Dropbox
++ FTP

✓ Can offload the recorded files to an SD card

✓ Starts on system reboot, continues recording (if started during the previous run)

✓ Saves space: can be set up to remove the oldest recordings if the total size exceeds a maximum

✓ Can record to the app’s private folder or to the common storage

✓ Record by schedule: time of day, days of the week

✓ No intricate procedures to start and stop recording: just open the app and click the appropriate button

✓ No accidental recording or accidental failure to record!

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