English Grammar

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06. 08. 2016




2.2 and up
This app makes sure that you will learn English grammar in 10 days.
There are 35 units to explain English grammar deeply and clearly.
You can also test yourself after studying each section.
A very neat interface is presented to its users so that they can find what they need to study in grammar easily.
To make chapters clear, ' Learn English in 10 Days ' used a lot of pictures and figures. The chapters of ' Learn English in 10 Days ' can be easily understood by a 5th grader or 65 years old man. You don't need to be super genius to fully understand the topics.
With this English Grammar app, you will learn :

* All of the Tenses
* Modals
* Conditionals
* Passive
* Reported Speech
* Questions
* The Infinitive
* Articles and Nouns
* Pronouns
* Relative Clauses
* Adjectives and Adverbs
* Conjunctions
* Prepositions