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11. 20. 2015




4.0.3 and up
Funk Zooper widget pack


This pack includes 51 Zooper widgets which show the time, date, memory and internal SD card space available. Also includes an animated character called Zoe which displays phone and status information, full list of features below.

OnTap action can be set for all widgets. Wallpaper in screenshots can be downloaded at the RESINSHOK Google+ page

List of widgets in this pack

- Zoe character features:

- Facial expression changes every minute.

- Ponytails go up when WiFi is connected, down when not connected.

- Eyes will turn white when WiFi is on but not connected

- Hair ties change colour according to battery level.

- Mask colour cycles through 5 different colours, and changes to a striped mask when the phone is charging.

- Text balloon shows information about the date, memory and internal SD free, and weather for the current day and next day

- Rain will show in the background when rain is forecast.

- Facial expression will change when battery is lower than 6%.

- 40 Zooper widgets in different font styles.

- 10 bold widgets in different colours.


Zooper Widget Pro app required to use this widget, you can get it from here

Installation details

When adding widgets to your screen, Zooper Widget will offer you a number of widget sizes. If you want them the same size as in the screenshots, use the Zooper widget size (e.g . 5x1) next to the widget name as a guide.

For widgets with a size of 5x3 next to their name, Zooper widget does not offer 5x3 as a widget size so you will need to create a Zooper widget of any size then resize it to 5x3.

Widgets were designed for 5x7 grid screen layouts and above using Nova Launcher but other grid layouts and launchers can be used.

Installation steps

1. Make sure you have Zooper Widget Pro installed.

2. Install Zooper Widget Pro RESINSHOK widget from the Google Play store.

3. Add a Zooper widget to your homescreen then select the widget size you want to add (e.g. 5x1) or add any widget size then resize it to the size you want. For widgets that have 5x3 next to the name, Zooper Widget does not provide a 5x3 widget size by default, you will need to add any sized widget then resize it to 5x3.

4. Tap the recently added Zooper Widget on your homescreen to open Zooper Widget Pro.

5. Select the RESINSHOK widget pack you installed from the Google Play store.

6. Select the widget you want to install.

7. Your widget should appear in a couple of seconds. If not press it, this will open Zooper Widget Pro, then go back to your homescreen, your widget should then appear shortly.

Contact and more information

If you have any questions you can contact me at [email protected].