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09. 15. 2017




5.0 and up
“Think before you speak. Read before you think.” ― Fran Lebowitz
Please read the entire description. TypeFace needs specific requirements for it to work on your device.

With TypeFace all Google Web Fonts are just a click away for use with Cyanogen Theme Engine or Substratum! Generate font themes on the fly by downloading fonts available on Google Fonts ( For the power user, TypeFace also provides the option of creating font themes by importing fonts from archives (ZIP/APK) or font files (TTF/OTF).

TypeFace works on:
1. A custom ROM with Cyanogen's Theme Engine (CM14/LineageOS doesn't have a theme engine)
2. A custom ROM with OMS7. Substratum app alone is not enough for font themes to work. Masquerade or Interfacer app needs to be in the ROM too.

Note: Andromeda based theming does NOT support fonts replacing. Check here:

Follow the development and updates of TypeFace on Google+:

Disclaimer: Some of the fonts may be smaller in size as per their design and/or lack support for local languages. TypeFace has no ability to alter/correct these issues.