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08. 03. 2016




4.0.3 and up
With the new email for Outlook App you can log in with any email provider ( Hotmail, Yahoo, Outlook, Icloud, AOL, Live , GMX) and any type of mailbox IMAP, POP3 and Exchange, you can have different email accounts open at the same time with our unified mailbox all your emails in one place. You can log in an easy and fast way with just a touch.

Create a conversation with any person in an instant with this email aplication , The easiest way to read, write, check any email you receive, our email application will always keep you informed at all time about any updates to your email with notificacion push and notification tones, vibration alerts, notification LED (all these options are customizable) and more options.

With our system of organization of emails by folders (you can use the default folders or create a new) your emails are not cluttering in your mailbox never more. if you have a very important email that do not want to lose mark it as a favorite and will automatically be the beginning of your mailbox, use our search tool optimized with this tool you can search any email in seconds, search by name, date, attachments, size and more search options.

Our email application also lets you design your mailbox on your way, creates a unique mailbox changing the color, style of font, color of font, size and more options. program hours of silence so that you will not be disturbed when at work or busy.

This email application is synchronized daily so you can read your emails even without internet. With our security system your personal data will always be free and safe from any unwanted person trying to get them.