Straight Material for KLWP

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Published by:

Stephan Mathias




07. 18. 2015




4.4 and up
***This app requires KUSTOM LWP PRO to be installed on your device to be able to use it.***

You can choose between the preset that requires the app tasker to show the count of notifications or the preset that doesn't need tasker!

Instructions to add a wallpaper:

- Install Kustom LWP Pro
- Install Straight Material
- Open Kustom and select "load preset"
- Select Straight Material and select which preset you want
- Select set kustom as wallpaper and apply

Music controls need notification access in your settings, Sometimes this needs to be set manually in notification access!

***Setup instructions***

*Change the profile picture*

- Open Kustom LWP Pro
- Got to Top - Profile - Pofile Pic Pro - and follow the instructions

*Change the name*

- Open Kustom LWP Pro
- Go to Top - Profile - Your name here - and change the name

*Change RSS Feed*

- Open Kustom LWP Pro
- Go to one of the RSS Feed - RSS Loop - source - and change the link
Default setup is from top to bottom: Google news international, Google news local, Google news sports.All in german speech!



- Tap clock to open your clock
- Tap calender icon to switch to agenda
- Tap sun icon to switch to weather forcast


- Tap on the texts to open the app


- Tap on the right side of the text to show the next news
-Tap on the left side of the text to show the previous news


- Press Play to start play music
- Press next to play the next track
- Press previous to play the previous track
- Press pause to stop player

If the buttons doesn't work after loading the preset, open your player app and press play and stop, leave the app and the buttons will work