Flat3R for Klwp

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Drea Apps




04. 03. 2015




4.4 and up
This application requires Klwp live wallpaper maker to be installed first.

Flat3R is a full Kustom 3 page home screen layout with your clock, date and battery and music player with hidden controls on the main page. The headphone icon animates the music controls and album art into place. Left page has full RSS feed and the right page has current weather as well as 5 day forecast, a live updating map view of your current location sits at the top.

Set up instructions: You must have 3 home screens set on your device, no more, no less! Also scrolling wallpaper must be turned on with your launcher. Nova Launcher prime is recommended

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If you have any questions, problems, or need help with layout please hit the website link at the bottom and post there or email me at the address below. I would be glad to help!