The Dark World

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Coco Directouch




07. 18. 2016




3.0 and up
"The best dark exploration game of 2016 come to you now! Lead your own expedition to experience the unknown underworld!

Game Introduction
The Dark World is a stand-alone SLG game. In the underworld, you need to build your own city, recruit heros, organize expedition to enter the huge dark world for adventure and plunder, to build the best weapons so you can leave your blood in the most dangerous maze! As the leader of a city, you not only can experience the process from cabin to castle, the journey from low-level adventurer to ultimate warrior, but also work your strategies in the endless life or death challenge, use your wisdom and imagination.

Game Features
*Abundant collecting system enables you pick up different resources in multiple ways.
*More than 50 ways to match soldiers. Free allocations based on the diffculty of the under city.
*Resource collocation and roadmap that test your wisdom. Different settings or road shall effect game result.
*Colourful exploration in unknown maps, trigger different battles on the way.
*More than 500 maps and scenes wait for your exploration
*Combine 3 different gameplays: hang up and position, SLG and adventure.

★Offline Hang Up System★
Getting resources while offline is one of the game features. After leaving the game, an user still can making rare resources or items. When the user gets back to the game he can receive all the benefits in the offline period!

★Classic Occupations and Upgrade★
The game applies for five occupational collocation as warriors, archers, robber, priests and sorcerers. You can choose the brave and mighty warrior with strong power and stamina, or rakish wizard with luxuriant magic, or even flexible hunter with bow and arrows etc. In the meantime, each occupation has 4 upgrade functiions. Different occupational upgrade targets at special skills, and deasible collocation takes skills. Free collocation for expedition can diversify a battle. Now use your wisdom to defeat yoru nightmare!

★Unique Equipment Smelting System★

Players could have chance to get rare equipment after winning each battle including self-collecting equipment. By smelting some elemental units under certain rules, players can get equipments they need, and will have bigger chance to get equipment of higher quality, even artifact! What are you waiting for? Come and smelting exclusive artifacts to show your gentility,!

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※According to Game Software Rating Regulations, this game is rated as PG 12.
※In-app purchase is available to get paid services like game coins and artifacts."