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Coca Cola Amatil




09. 08. 2016




4.4 and up
Welcome to VendSwift

HI! I’m VendSwift, welcome to me! I’m a super new fancy thing that lets you get your drinks from VendSwift vending machines faster than you can say POW! without ever touching the actual machine! I know, I’m pretty amazing but I want you to experience this too! The next generation vending experience is at the tips of your fingers, so what are you waiting for?

With me, VendSwift, you can select, order and collect your drinks from any Coca-Cola VendSwift machine. No more do you have to fumble for cash, or even get out your credit card! And, you can get up to three drinks in the same transaction, so if Steve keeps bugging you about you owing him a drink, just get it through VendSwift!


Our super science department has used this ultrasonics technology stuff, which lets me (VendSwift) know when you are near to a VendSwift machine, so some cheeky rascal doesn’t come and swipe your drinks from under your nose! All you need to do is get close to your VendSwift machine and the drinks will pop right out! For some more peace of mind you can even manually vend your drinks when you’re are ready too.

Get rewards

What else is great about me? Rewards Points! I mean, really, who doesn’t like being rewarded for stuff? Every drink you purchase through me (VendSwift) gets you VendSwift reward points which you can use instead of money to purchase drinks!


What’s this? Promotions? Yeah, I’ve got them too! They’ll only be available on VendSwift machines too, so you will be like an executive vender or something like that. Cool, right!

Happy Hour

Every now and then I’ll select some machines for Happy Hour! Check the map for the clock icon so you know what machines are currently ecstatic!


You want to know when all my promotions are happening, so I’ll keep you updated using Notifications so you are never out of the loop!

King of the Machine

Long Live You! Each machine has a unique name, and if you’re the ruler of a machine then you can change it! Become the King/Queen of the machine by being loyal to one VendSwift machine and be a royal among the rest!

Only available at certain machines.

VendSwift is only available at some special machines. As we are rolling out machine upgrades over the next few months, check our website for locations regularly to see where we are going to next!