Ancient Empires Reloaded

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09. 02. 2016




2.2 and up
Ancient Empires Reloaded is an arcade turn-based strategy game. In this game you can use many unique units and try to create some powerful combinations of them as well as develop your own battle strategies to defeat your enemies.

* Features
Terrains with different effects to make the battle more interesting.
Unique units with various abilities to choose from.
A lot of exciting campaign stages to play.
In-game map editor making it possible to create your own amazing maps.
Online map sharing center where you can share the maps you created with other players.
Multiplayer mode allowing you to play with your friends.
In-game wiki to help you learn about the game more easily.

Known issues:
1. For some Android 2.2 systems that does not support OpenGL ES 2.0 the game won't start. Sorry there's nothing we can do about that.

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IMPORTANT: If you wanna try the 'Challenge' scenario you need to do enough preparation since it's gonna be insane. Defeating the 'Challenge' scenario stages requires a bit tricks but mostly your skills and knowledge of the game. Please make sure you have mastered all the unit features before you go for that.

NOTE: If you want to connect to the online server in multiplayer mode please make sure you updated your game to the newest version.

Currently we are planning to add more language support to the game. So if you are interested in the translation things feel free to contact us.

Finally if you have any questions or suggestions please send email to us.
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