Override DNS (a DNS changer)

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Massimiliano Chinni




04. 12. 2018




Just to be clear: NEEDS ROOT.

First of all some considerations before going on:
\302\240\302\240\342\200\242\302\240 the app needs a rooted device
\302\240\302\240\342\200\242\302\240 the app is working on KitKat, Lollipop, Marshmallow, Nougat
\302\240\302\240\342\200\242\302\240 support of DNS on non standard ports is OK
\302\240\302\240\342\200\242\302\240 if you find something which seems broken, please contact us ( before posting a negative feedback. We can fix things, really we do!

The app is a DNS changer for mobile and Wi-Fi networks which works from Android version 4.3 (Jelly Bean).

The app was born to change DNS on KitKat, but it has been ported to Lollipop, Marshmallow and Nougat. From version 1.3.0 it has been backported to Android 4.3 Jelly Bean MR2, too.

With this software you can
\302\240\302\240\342\200\242\302\240 Bypass internet censorship when based upon DNS blocking.
\302\240\302\240\342\200\242\302\240 Overcome an Android limitation: there's no system setting to change mobile DNS.
\302\240\302\240\342\200\242\302\240 Speed up internet connection. You can find many articles on the web which show various benchmarks of Domain Name Servers performances and how they affect your navigation (your mileage may vary).
\302\240\302\240\342\200\242\302\240 Keep in sync mobile and Wi-Fi DNS in fact from v1.2.0 the app can handle Wi-Fi connections, too.

\302\240\302\240\342\200\242\302\240 Automatic DNS change when a mobile connection gets activated (can be disabled).
\302\240\302\240\342\200\242\302\240 Automatic DNS change when a Wi-Fi connection gets activated (can be disabled).
\302\240\302\240\342\200\242\302\240 Automatic DNS change when an ethernet connection gets activated (can be disabled).
\302\240\302\240\342\200\242\302\240 Wi-Fi filter based on SSID, so you can automatically apply DNS only to certain connections (can be disabled).
\302\240\302\240\342\200\242\302\240 Custom DNS values.
\302\240\302\240\342\200\242\302\240 Almost zero memory and CPU usage, because it's not a service.
\302\240\302\240\342\200\242\302\240 Notifications let you know that the app is working (can be disabled).
\302\240\302\240\342\200\242\302\240 Automatic DNS flush without need to restart the device.
\302\240\302\240\342\200\242\302\240 DashClock integration, to keep an eye on the DNS in use.
\302\240\302\240\342\200\242\302\240 It comes prepacked with the most common DNS services.
\302\240\302\240\342\200\242\302\240 Simple and clean interface (Holo for KitKat, Material for Lollipop+)
\302\240\302\240\342\200\242\302\240 Ad free.

Known issues
\302\240\302\240\342\200\242\302\240 does not fully support multiple active connections (i.e. tethering or Wi-Fi AP or VPN): you can exclude one network device from the advanced settings
\302\240\302\240\342\200\242\302\240 horizontal layout is still awful.

Some references
\302\240\302\240\342\200\242\302\240 inspired by setDNS