Supreme Sudoku

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08. 13. 2016




2.2 and up
A friendly, beautiful, material-design Sudoku player.

•  Clean user interface
•  Easy input methods. Select a cell, or select a number on the keypad.
•  Pencil marks and auto-pencil. You can mark cells with small numbers, or turn on auto-pencil to have the app do this tedious job for you.
•  An inbuilt custom-made solving engine. Contains a multitude of solving techniques and in-depth descriptions which guide you through the logic behind each step.
•  An Infinite amount of Sudokus! Comes with a Sudoku generator which generates Sudoku's on the fly. You'll never run out of Sudokus again!
•  Sudoku importer. Take a photo of a Sudoku and import it ready to play on your device.
•  Unlimited saves. Play and save as many Sudokus as you wish, you can come back to them at any time.
•  Unlimited undo/redo. Made a mistake? No worries.
•  Error checker. A simple button press shows you any mistakes on the board.

Solving Techniques
•  Hidden/Naked Singles, Pairs, Triples and Quads
•  Candidate Lines/Block
•  Box-line Reduction
•  B.U.G. (Bi-value Universal Graveyard)
•  X-Wing, XY-Wing, XYZ-Wing
•  SwordFish
•  Unique Rectangles (Type 1 and 2)
•  Simple Colouring
•  X-Cycles
•  XY-Chain
•  3D Medusa Chain
•  Alternating Inference Chains (A.I.C.'s)
•  Aligned Pair Exclusions