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03. 11. 2018




7.1 and up
Replace Several Applications Shortcut with One Super Shortcut.
It helps you toOpen your Favorite Apps Quickly(Separately Or Simultaneously) &Empty your Home Screento Enjoy your Wallpaper... 😉 👍

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Simply Click on Apps to Select & then Click on Confirm Button ✔️ to Create The Super Shortcut on Home Screen...
& Swipe Up on Confirm Button ✔️ to see selected apps

+Category Shortcuts: Select Multiple Apps for Each Popup Shortcut (Press & Hold to Add it on Home Screen)
+Split Shortcuts: Create Pair of Apps to Open them Simultaneously in Multi-Window (Press & Hold to Add it on Home Screen)
+Smart Pick: App Shortcut of Most Used Apps
+Mix Shortcuts: Select all Type Shortcuts together
+Android Wear 2.+ Support(Please, See Screenshots)
- Select Apps from List & press 'Confirm Button' ✔️
- Go to WatchFace Setting & Select shortcut of 'Super Shortcut'
- Press on 'Super Shortcut' Icon & Enjoy!
- Check out List of Compatible Android Wear 2.+ WatchFaces |

Tip: Press & Hold on Checkbox of Split/Category Shortcuts to see more options.
Tip: Press & Hold on Item of Categories to open them as Split Shortcut.

Note: Android System allows Only Default Home Launchers to show Popup AppShortcuts.

* ℹ️Accessibility Service Permission Notice
* This App Uses Accessibility Services...
* To Create Multi-Window & Open Apps in Split Screen Simultaneously.
* ♿How it Helps People with Disability?
* It is difficult for people with disability to open an app Or switch between apps.
* So, I am using Accessibility Service to enter Multi-Window Mode to open two apps together.

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