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11. 02. 2017


Varies with device


Varies with device
What can you do toSwitch Quicklyto another App?! (As Fast As Possible)
Floating Shortcuts Solution(You Only need One Click to Switch Apps...)
1️⃣Click on Floating Shortcuts to Open other Apps immediately🆒 😎
Others Solutions
1️⃣ You should Leave Current app,
2️⃣ (Open a Toolbar/Open AppsDrawer/Open a Folder/Swipe Between Pages/Draw a Gesture),
3️⃣ Find the App &
4️⃣ Finally Click on the App to Open it... (It takes 4 actions. besides You Have to Remember Position or Specific Gesture & It limits you to a box) 💤 🙄

OK Google! Open Floating Shortcuts
Say this command toRecovery all Floating Shortcuts & Categories
(Turn OnIntelligent Services in App Preferences)

+Floating Categories(Categories of Apps)
+Split Shortcuts: Open Apps in Multi-Window (Android 7.+)
+Automation Features:
- Apps forTime
ℹ️ For Example, Select an App (A Chat App) Or a Category (Messaging Apps) to #FloatIt at 10:45
- Apps forWifi
- Apps forBluetooth
- Apps forGPS
- Apps forNFC
Select Apps/Categories to #FloatIt when turning on Wifi, Bluetooth, GPS & NFC.
ℹ️ For Example, Music Player App when turning on Bluetooth.

Tip: To Remove/Pin Floating Shortcuts/Categories Press & Hold to see Options

+App Theme Color: Light/Dark Color of Wallpaper
+App Drawer Style: List/Grid
+Transparent Theme: Light/Dark
+Shortcuts Size
+Shortcuts Transparency

Tip: To Remove/Pin Floating Shortcuts/Categories Press & Hold to see Options
Tip: Steady Mode will Automatically Start & Stop. It will Start on First Floating View creation & will Stop when you remove Last Floating View.

* Your Smartphone Wallpaper reflects your Moods & I Respect it.
* Shortcuts App Theme Colors will Change to What you are in mood for... 😉

* #FloatIt on your Wrist
* Create Floating Shortcuts of Apps on Android Wear Smart Watches

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