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Andrei Ionut Apopei




07. 28. 2017




4.0 and up
Geology Toolkit is a complete android application which allows geologists to examine and explore minerals and rocks features under microscope or hand-specimen properties.
Geology Toolkit makes mineralogy and petrology to be easier to examine a thin section and to understand the characteristic properties for each mineral/rock without a petrographic microscope, which is known to be very expensive. It is mainly addressed to geoscience students/geologists as a guide in individual or supervised laboratory work.

Made by a Geologist for Geologists.


Premium design and Ad free
The interface is user-friendly, ad free and very intuitive, the main menu can be accessed every time by swiping your finger horizontally across the screen or by pressing the 'hamburger' icon in the top left corner.

Fundamentals of Geology
Reading and Learning

GeoQuizzes - Learn by doing!
Test your geology knowledge of the material on this application or from the class/laboratory/field with these GeoQuizzes.
✔ Mineralogy Quiz;
✔ Igneous rocks Quiz;

Dedicated to Mineralogists
Various features are developed as a guide for field trips or laboratory work.
✔ 59 most common minerals in thin section (transmitted and reflected light);
✔ 'IdentifyMin under microscope' is an algorithm for a fast and logical identification of minerals in thin sections;
✔ Hand-specimen photographs (at high resolution) of 59 most common minerals with pan zoom functionality;
✔ Swipeable gallery (touch-friendly - swipe & pan zoom) with pictures of minerals and rocks thin sections under microscope;
✔ Handbook of Mineralogy - search in 5236 Mineral species (mineral name, chemistry, elements, country of type locality and structural group name);
✔ Searchable Mohs Hardness Scale for over 80 common mineral species;
✔ 'Gemstones' section offers information about gemstones, jewelry, and precious metals;
✔ 'IdentifyMin (Hand-Specimen)' can be used to easily identify hand-specimen minerals;
✔ Michel-Levy color chart;

Classify an Igneous, Sedimentary or a Metamorphic rock
✔ 18 most common igneous rocks in thin section (transmitted light): alkali-feldspar granite, alkali-feldspar rhyolite, granite, rhyolite, granodiorite, tonalite, dacite, diorite, andesite, basalt, gabbro, alkali-feldspar syenite, alkali-feldspar trachyte, syenite, trachyte, foid syenite, peridotite, and harzburgite;
✔ Handy Rock Identification;
✔ Handbook of Rocks - provides a compendium of more than 159 rock types (with description);
✔ Browse igneous rocks which contain a classification for volcanic and plutonic rocks
✔ Textures and microstructures of igneous rocks;
✔ Interactive QAPF diagrams (volcanic and plutonic rocks);
✔ Diagram for modal classification of gabbroic rocks;
✔ Interactive Ultramafic diagrams (Ol-Opx-Cpx & Ol-Px-Hbl);
✔ Interactive TAS diagram;
✔ Bowen's reaction series;
✔ Sedimentary and Metamorphic rocks classification.

✔ Introduction to Crystallography (laws, crystal systems, etc.);
✔ 48 crystal forms with axes and miller indices.

Chemistry features
✔ Periodic Table of Elements;
✔ Solubility chart.

✔ GeoCompass;
✔ GPS;
✔ Geological Time Scale feature;
✔ Geology quotes;
✔ Geology Dictionary+ - provides a compendium of more than 10.000 terms that are central to a broad range of geological sciences and related fields like petrology, mineralogy, geochemistry, crystallography, and paleontology;
✔ Engineering Geology section.


This app can be used as a virtual manual in disciplines like Optical Mineralogy, Petrologyand cannot replace the University classes or 'dedicated' books.

Note:I constantly update this application with new features and photos.