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Fareed Abdul Rahmaan




06. 22. 2016




4.0.3 and up
Mujaddid PRO the BEST app to call Muslim Americans to Community Life! Our app celebrates the excellence associated with living and preserving a Muslim lifestyle in America. It goes well beyond the basic essentials of providing Prayer Times, Masjid Locations, & Qibla Finders. It honors the growing legacy of Muslim Americans by recognizing the sacrifices of our great pioneers, the work of our leaders and scholars, and the best of our future.

It offers daily Beautiful Qur'anic Reflections translated by the students of Muslim American Logic Institute (M.A.L.I.), Links to several popular Blog Talk Radio live shows/podcasts, News & Media Outlets, Lectures, Du'aas, and other Exclusive Islamic American content.

With over 80 years of Muslim American Heritage including Four Generations of indigenous Muslims calling the Adhan, Mujaddid Pro proudly shouts G-d is Greater (Allahu Akbar) with American voices. Our Voices, narrating Our History.

Download Mujaddid PRO and continue Our Legacy!

App Features:

Prayer Times
Muslim American Muezzins
Qibla Compass
US Masjid/Mosque Locator
Beautiful Islamic American Theme
Muslim American Logic Institute Daily Qur’anic Reflections
BlockTalk Radio Shows
WDM Study Library
New Africa Radio
Mosque Cares
Muslim Journal
A Three Day Journey

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