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DragonRaja M

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Locojoy International Corp.




09. 07. 2016




3.0 and up
[Game Description]
Magnificent characters with impressive skills and thrilling effects!
Addictive non-stop action game with rewarding quests.
Play dynamic Action RPG Dragon Raja for excitement-filled gaming experience!

[Game Feature]
Multiple characters to choose from with unique battle styles and dazzling skills.
Strategize battles by tagging your allies for assistance and help.
Choose the true Hero of the Dragon Raja through PvP rankings.

◈ QUEST - Journey to the world of Dragon Raja through normal and elite mode and enjoy the quests with over hundreds of dungeons.
◈ GUILD SYSTEM - entertain your friends/allies and enjoy fighting together through Guild wars!
◈ PvP - Unique and Explosive smart matching Player vs Player in “Lenus arena”.
◈ THE GREAT LABYRINTH – Challenging dungeons that change on everyday basis.
◈ THE ABYSS – Test the might of your team and challenge the infinity dungeon of the Abyss.
◈ DWARF MINE – Collect gold and EXP or by stealing from other teams.
◈ SUMMON ALLIES – Call and summon a powerful ally through the “Altar of Dimensions”.

[User Permission]
Dragon Raja SEA requires following rights for smooth game playing

◈This rights require to save the game data to external memory.
◈Please allow the rights to install the game to external memory, when there is not enough capacity on device.

◈This information is not for collecting personal phone numbers or make a phone call.
◈This information will be used for event rewarding or customer service only.

◈It will not access to user's phone book file, but authorizing the account only.
◈This rights require for authorizing the account, and please allow for Google sign in.

CS email Address : [email protected]