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07. 12. 2017




4.0.3 and up
Did somebody steal your smartphone or did you lose it? Would you like the ability to track your kids smartphone? Would you like to locate and track your family members any time you want? Extreme Locator GPS Tracker is the app for you! It just takes a minute to install. Target smartphone will be with you every minute of the day. You will be able to track the smartphone gps position using our always active web platform (
Purchase Extreme Locator GPS Tracker now and you will have tracking service accessible forever !

GPS Tracker Special Features:
* Automatically starts on reboot
* Works in stealth mode
* Configurable frequency position upload (from 10 up to 300 seconds)
* Configurable unit measure (metric or imperial);
* Real-time gps info update
* Multiple devices tracking
* Works with timezones
* Geofence
* Position sharing
* Alarm settings (speed alarm, battery alarm)
* Access to location history
* Reports and statistics

* Track your children or your family members (wife/husband tracking, spouse tracking)
* Locate your employees
* Locate your lost or stolen Android phone
* Fleet tracking
* Track your running, walking or biking

If your are looking for an excellent GPS Tracker app to track and locate every android mobile device this is the app for you ! This easy to use GPS Tracker will help you to stay connected in real time to people (and the devices) that matter most.

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