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04. 29. 2016




4.1 and up
Steampunk top aesthetic design multi-function Animated Home Interactive Widget.

Neo Victorian atmosphere for your android smartphone.
An extravaganza timemachine, a rusty metal wonder vision.
Clock and indicator's Dials in analogic and digital style, and customizable colors for lights and texts.
Current and forecast Weather data.
Exhaustive weather report with 5 days forecast and 3 hours interval detail.
Practical audio volume control for device directly accessible in main menu.
Fully customizable app launcher menu.

Nineteen graphics HD themes as Animated mechanical artworks.
And thirteen amazing wallpapers.

In every theme, tap on the upper left corner of the widget to show a popup menu with configuration options:
General settings for widget and colors, wallpaper, help and manual update of weather data.

In every theme, there are indicator lights for battery, wifi, Bluetooth, alarm, calendar events and calls/sms.
There are also three "dialog panels" that you can open and close by clicking in the related click area (you can inspect the click areas in "Help").
Every "dialog panel" host three views, you can switch between those views by double click in the related click area.

Upper panel:
- a view with two world clocks (configurable through the widget settings window).
- a view with alarm information (when, and remaining time) and battery status and percentage.
- a view with the internal storage usage information.

Central panel:
- a view with the next six events in calendar, when they are, remaining days to the event, time and description.
- a view with the current weather information.
- a view with 5 days forecast weather information

Bottom panel:
- a view with the counter for missed calls and sms.
- a view with the counter for the up-time of the device, and the battery temperature.
- a view with indicators for audio volume levels.

In the widget you will also find dials for the clock, memory usage, and battery percentage.
tapping on the dials, you will get a pop-up menu.

- a main menu from the clock,
- a context menu from the other dials, (the click capability for the other dials may vary due the theme). When clickable, you can open the device settings window from the memory dial, and the battery summary window from the battery dial.

In the main menu you will find:
- option to customize the items in the main menu...
- Search...
- Link for Alarm,
- Link for Calendar,
- Weather Details, (a full screen panel with detailed weather information, current, forecast 5 days summary, and forecast 3 hours detail for next 5 days).
- Audio Volumes, (a full screen panel with controls for audio volume of device: ringtones, notification, system and Media,).
- Wi-fi switch
- Bluetooth switch
- Link for device settings (only for themes where there is not the clickable dial of memory percentage)
- Link for battery summary (only for themes where there is not the clickable dial of battery percentage)
- up to five links to you favorite applications (configurable through the widget settings window)

this app is a home screen widget, so, there isn't the icon in app drawer, because it don't need it.
you have to add the widget to the home screen through the launcher (usually long press on an empty area of the screen and select the widget to add).
After that, you can reach every feature of the app through the widget.