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08. 18. 2016




4.0 and up
Can everyone on your team do what you do? Can you share the right information with the right people, right now from your phone? If not, you need SharePro.

SharePro lets you focus on the basics of MLM duplication. Ask yourself, "What are the few simple things that everyone on my team can easily do to expose others to our products and business opportunities?" Then easily create boards full of beautiful cards that contain your own info or linked videos, audio, files and web sites from third-party sources.

When you share with others, they view your content in their phone's browser. If team members want to keep what you share so they can share with others, they'll need the app. You can also develop content on your computer, but you need to register using the SharePro app.

SharePro is more than an app. It's a movement! Follow the link to our web site if you want to learn more about SharePro.