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06. 30. 2016




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Juggernaut Books - The easy way to Discover and Read Books

Juggernaut is a mobile app with over 450 books for you to browse, read and interact with authors, with content from blockbuster authors and covering all genres like long fiction, short stories, romance, self-help, fantasy, crime, humour, children's books and a wide variety of non-fiction. You can also read free classics including Jim Corbett, Sherlock Holmes, Mark Twain, Charles Dickens and Jane Austen. Also available for the first time on your mobile, read exciting stories from Angry Birds.

Discover Juggernaut's blockbuster authors like the actress Sunny Leone, India's top-selling nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar, former Pakistan Ambassador to the USA, Husain Haqqani and hit TV writer Umera Ahmed at unmatchable prices. Gripping and original crime will keep you at the edge of your seat and unique love stories will leave you deeply satisfied.

Image books are aplenty with tons of content for kids and young adults for you to swipe, pinch and move from page to page

App Features

- Blockbuster units - will help you find the blockbuster authors in a jiffy
- Top of the chart picks - aims at making sure you never miss the hits and trending titles within the app
- Behavioural Collections - bring you a book for every mood, be it a long commute or a late night read

- Covers - The beautiful covers will allow you to pull down for content
- Preview - Generous portions of the books are free to read so that you can buy what you like
- Wishlist and Add to shelf - allows you to come back to the books you were reading or wanted to buy

Juggernaut Social features
- Highlight and share lets you highlight your favourite para and share it with your friends or read later
- Author questions puts you in conversation with authors who answer your questions
- Rating and Reviewing allow you to choose books that are well rated and air your opinion the minute after you read a book
- Gifting is a special Juggernaut feature that let's you gift a digital book to anyone. It will appear with a wrapper on their shelf!

Payments are also lightning fast on the Juggernaut app. Sign into the PayTM wallet and transact in seconds!