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07. 28. 2016




4.0.3 and up
Email for Hotmail App - Pro:

We present the new email application for Hotmail, with this new application you can instantly access in any email provider (Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Outlook, Icloud, AOL, Live , GMX) and any type of account IMAP, POP3 and Exchange. All these features and more in a single email application. With an attractive and modern design even a child can use this application.

Quick and easy access to any email account. log in, log out, read your emails, write, send photos, attachments, Always stay in touch with your friends, family, colleagues, With everyone! Manage your mailbox and customize the app.

Why to choose this email application ?

- Desing:

- With our design of modern icons and really easy to understand interface, you will never have any doubt about wthat button to press. You can mark as spam any email or select multiple emails at the same time and eliminate them or organize them.


You can personalize your mailbox as you like, change the color, font, size, select a notification tone, change your profile picture, assign one to your contacts, mute notifications at your convenience (for example during working hours).


You can organize all your emails so easy, Organize them by folders (default or custom), search any email by name, date, attachments. Use our spam and avoid unwanted emails.


Our email application has a new security system that will keep your data safe all the time.

Our goal is to provide the best service and the best application for you to manage and check your emails. For more information please contact us at [email protected]