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07. 17. 2016




4.0 and up
NFC Tools - myPasswordNFC

"as seen on NFC Forum product showcase"

This is a secure app that protects your passwords, notes and voice to text messages and keeps your data secure and encrypted on NFC tags.

This app makes it easy to keep/store passwords, notes or voice to text messages on NFC tags/cards.
You can speak your passwords or notes on your phone and save on NFC tags.
You can also password-protect, encrypt and store sensitive and private information to NFC tags.

Here is how this app is used:

* View database:
Shake device to view all passwords.

* Read/ Write NFC Tags/cards:
Hold your phone over the NFC tag/card.

* Password/key:
To encrypt/decrypt and write to NFC tag or read it.


* Add to phone database:
Add new password

* Read/Write NFC Tags/Cards:

Voice to text messages
Retrieve from database
Write/Save to NFC tags/cards

Copy/Read NFC tags/cards
Save as text file on your phone

Recommended NFC tags/cards:
- Samsung TecTiles
- NXP MIFARE DESFire EV1/EV2 1k-8k

We have tested the app with this NFC tags/cards: more info...

NXP MIFARE DESFire EV1 8000 Bytes (8K) (NFC Forum Type 4)
880 Words = 5454 characters/symbols + Space + encryption ~= 8k
You can store approximately two A4 pages of data on the 8k NFC tag/card

Samsung NFC TecTiles 1024 (888)bytes (1k) (NFC Forum Type 4)
106 Words = 620 characters/symbols + Space + encryption ~= 1k

- NFC tag online shopping:,,,,

Format the tag/card before use .
Format your new tag/card with myPasswordNFC app,
you write a few words and click on the < Write to tag > button
and hold your phone over the NFC tag/cards.

*** News ***
Version 1.1
- Improved performance swiping between pages

Version 1.2
- New button to retrieve passwords from database

Version 1.3
- Save passwords, notes or voice to text messages
as text file on your phone

Version 1.4
- Fix the problem for unformatted tag/card
scan / read NFC tags / cards

"as seen on NFC Forum product showcase"