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80/20 Nordic Diet Coach

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Health Revolution Ltd




06. 16. 2016




4.1 and up
Say no to calorie counting and fad diets. This app is a smart way to track meals by following the 80/20 diet rule. Find permanent balance and stop yoyo-dieting forever. Finally you can give up lose weight programs, crash diets and all restrictive thinking - even studies show they just make you gain weight.

This app has become popular among Personal Trainers when guiding customers to eat more balanced. Now you can use it without a Personal Trainer too. New feature: easy to share your meals with the pro when you want.

- the easiest picture food diary ever
- get feedback of your choices with hearts
- learn to eat more vegetables
- meal reminders
- share your pictures to anyone you want
- share your pictures easily
- set your goal
- your goal follow up
- learn to eat balanced - breakfast, snacks, lunch and dinner
- keep diary for 28 days
- write notes of your meals
- 80/20 weekly follow up
- quality nutrition tips for 28 days
- new guiding levels for 3 first weeks
- guiding levels include assessments for meals, hunger and portion size
- work sheets for planning (sent to you by email)
- available both in Finnish and English

Health Revolution Ltd is into developing simple and easy-to-use nutrition coaching concepts for mobile platforms. Our mission is to help people discover the basics of healthy eating in a way suitable for today's hectic lifestyle. We are against fad diets. We stand for permanent balance. Our vision is a world without dieting.