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06. 03. 2016




4.1 and up
Carousel Launcher is designed to show all your apps in one place and sort them for you. Appearance and interaction can be customized to your liking.

•App Size: Modify how big apps are
•Labels: Choose size and color
•Edge: Change how much apps react to the edge of the screen
•Animations: Can be turned on or off
•Style: Choose how apps are placed on the home screen
•Sorting: Which apps are closet to center
•Spacing: Change the amount of space shown between apps
•Center: Always show Carousel Launcher in the center of the home screen
•Sensitivity: How fast you can move across the home screen
•Invert Zoom: Swap gestures for zooming in and out
•Boundaries: Prevent scrolling beyond a certain point
•Friction: How much movement occurs after you stop

Launcher shortcuts and gestures!
-Tap the launcher icon once to search, and again to go to settings
-Pressing the home button will bring you to the center of the home screen
-Pinch in and out with two fingers to zoom
-Tapping the back button will show the search box on the home screen and return you to the previous page within settings
-Enter edit mode by holding down anywhere on the home screen
-Tapping the title bar of any modification page within settings will take you back to the previous page

1. How do I delete applications? Enter edit mode by holding down anywhere on the home screen and tapping the desired app to be uninstalled.
2. How do I reset any changed settings? Settings which enter an alternate page can be reset by tapping the "Reset" button in the top right hand corner. Tapping "Reset Settings" in the main settings page can be used to revert all settings to their defaults.
3. I want to change my default launcher. Tap "Default Launcher" within the main settings page to bring up a list of alternate launchers.
4. I found a bug! Email [email protected], including the name of the app, "Carousel Launcher", a short description of what the bug does, and how to recreate it if possible.