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03. 22. 2016




4.0.3 and up
sleep gear is the best tool on the market to relax and be able to reconcile a deep, restorative sleep. Do you have fatigue problems or sleep disorders? Are you a hard time falling asleep? Do you wake up exhausted in the morning? sleep gear may be the solution! Even if you sleep good, this app wil help you to sleep better. Anyone can improve his life with this app.

We have been working on sleeping apps for more than 4 years. During this time we have helped hundred thousand people.


sleep gear combines music, rithm, atmospheres and nature sounds in a unique way to create sound scapes that will help you sleep better. All included sounds have been designed by professionals to create a natural and relaxing ambient that will help you to rest better and sleep soundly.

You can combine it with alpha, beta, gamma, or delta waves to make this sounds even better and increase its power.


* Use controls to create unique atmospheres and environments
* Separate volume control for each sound to set the relaxing experience to your taste
* Sounds recorded high quality 24-bit and 48 kHz for one minute
* Audio loops perfect for listening to audio without interruption or clicking
* Audio mastering professional sound studio using the latest techniques and professional equipment
* The audio files are designed for maximum sound quality
* The audio has been cut below 80 Hz so as not to overlap with the alpha waves
* Works with the screen turned off
* Timer: Set the time you want the sound plays


* For the application to work correctly is necessary to reproduce the sound to a soft volume with which you feel comfortable. Start the application and then turn down the volume to 10 or 20 percent (one or two squares of the volume indicator on the device). Then adjust the sound volume of each individual to achieve the desired atmosphere. Must maintain a low volume so the sound is heard in the background and achieve sleep.

* Legal Information: Neuroscience has shown in numerous studies the benefits of alpha brain waves. Yet its use is not recommended in pregnant women, minors, people with heart problems or patients suffering from severe sleep disturbances. If you belong to one of these groups please do not activate the alpha waves. The use of dangerous machinery or driving of vehicles of all kinds is absolutely not recommended while using this application. If you notice any discomfort or sleep disturbance should stop using the product.


Do you have questions about how to use the application? A problem? Do you have an idea that you would like us to hear? Don't hesitate in contacting us. We would love to hear from you.