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Mi Heart Fitness

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Erik Mobile Inc




08. 16. 2016




4.3 and up
Mi Heart Fitness is an user-friendly App design to monitor heart beat cardiac rhythmical health during exercise, it is your perfect health companion that keep track of your heart fitness progress .

Excellent integration between Mi Band Pulse (MI1S) and your mobile helps to built and bridge real-time digital heart rate readout translated into powerful visualisation Chart display mode incorporating statistical evaluation and analysis.

Continuous heart rate monitoring features instantly transform your smart MI Band Pulse MI1S into continuous health optimize tracking right on your wrist to maintain workout intensity and maximise training without the needs to invest into another high end smart health device.


1. [Real-Time Charting] Enhanced Graphical Real time Heart rate Charting summarised data samples collection vital for health analysis and better fitness exercise programme design.

2.[Continuous Heart Rate Monitoring] Offer Continuous heart rate measuring or various predetermined scan interval for heart rate measurement and recording

3. [Smart Data Management] Visual colour management simplify heart rate measure classification for easy understanding and analysis.

4. [Google Fit Sync] Real-Time heart rate data could be instantly uploaded into Google Fit cloud

5. [Statistical Analysis] Heart rate measured during work out session statistical analysed to enhance overall heart health fitness progress monitoring and improvement.

6. [CandleStickChart] World first CandleStickChart visual display collating all the vital heart health information at one glance.

7. [Data Export] Heart Rate data can be easily exported as standard CSV file format for further processing and analysis.