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De Jan




06. 11. 2017


Varies with device


Varies with device

• Theme works ONLY on 7.1.x OMS ROMs
• Theme doesn't work well on stock and LineageOS based ROMs (you may get fc or unthemed part of some apps)
• You won't be able to install the theme if you have installed Lucky Patcher on your device
• You need substratum app from the Play Store to apply the theme


- System apps (gradient, black & translucent)
- AOSP Keyboard (black & translucent)
- Calculator AOSP & Google (black & translucent)
- DU Clock & Google Clock (black)
- Contacts AOSP & Google (black)*
- Documents (Files)(black)
- Equalizer/MusicFX (if you get error while compiling just don't install it, most probably your rom doesn't need it)
- DU Gallery (black)
- Gmail (white, will invert it in a future)
- Play Store (white, will invert it in a future)
- Play Music (white, will invert it in a future)
- Google Play services (gradient, black & translucent)
- Google+ (black & translucent)
- Hangouts (white)
- Keep (white, will invert it in a future)
- AOSP & Google Messaging (black & translucent)
- DU Calendar (black)
- Package installer AOSP & Google (black)
- Dialer AOSP & Google (black)
- Inbox (white)
- WhatsApp (white)
- YouTube (white, will invert it in a future)
- substratum (black & translucent)
- custom navbars

* you'll need Google Contacts 2.0

IMPORTANT: Theme doesn't work properly with ROMs which have disabled settings drawer