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04. 11. 2018




Simple. Efficient. Valuable.

\342\234\205 You can try Screenit 48 hours for free. Afterwards you can unlock it forever with a one time purchase, or continue using it for free, but with ads enabled.

Screenit, is a simple screenshot tool making it easier for you to take screenshots on your android phone and directly editing them right away. Screenit includes many photo editing features such as fast crop, color effects, frames, stickers, overlays, Lighting and Sharpness options as well as the ability to draw lines or write Text. Even an option to create Memes is on board.

Your edited screenshots can then be easily shared providing different sharing options, including fast Imgur upload. Bringing a clear and understandable tutorial, Screenit can be used from everyone. If you want to, you can customize almost every option in the settings screen, and make Screenit truly personal.

Screenit core features:
\342\234\224 material design
\342\234\224 automatic crop
\342\234\224 free selection mode
\342\234\224 Imgur upload
\342\234\224 floating button for taking screenshots
\342\234\224 always on |Combo| screenshot mode
\342\234\224 easy editing and lots of editing options
\342\234\224 take fast screenshots

\342\234\205 Screenit works with any Android Device running Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and newer.

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