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06. 30. 2016




4.4 and up
ParallaPaper - 3D-Parallax effect Live-Wallpaper!

With ParallaPaper you can have a 3D Parallax Wallpaper!

ParallaPaper is not only a parallax-type effect Live-Wallpaper, it is more of a builder, a sandbox if you want, to create moving wallpapers.

You can disable the scrolling when switching home-screen-pages, or set the strength to whatever you might like.
Same goes for the parallax effect.

You can also set different images for portrait and landscape!
So even if you don't like the parallax effect at all, but want different wallpapers for portrait and landscape orientation ParallaPaper is for you!

Choose from prebuilt wallpapers or create your own unique wallpapers and effects!

Key Features:
• Create your own layers from any images!
• Customize parallax strength
• Customize scrolling strength when changing home-screens
• Choose a different wallpaper for portrait and landscape

With this FULL-Version you can also:
• create unlimited amount of layers (memory restrictions of your device may apply)