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07. 01. 2016




4.4 and up
MYSTis a preset\template for Kustom LWP with Lightning Launcher

You need KLWP

You need Lightning Launcher

** Description **
1 Page
1 horizontal sidebar on the left
1 vertical bar for favorites at the bottom
1 Settingspanel

Navigation by Scroll and/or Tap.

In Settings:
Show Cover while playing music on/off.
Dark or Light Mode.
3 different Colorsettings
3 different Wallpapers
(all variables can also be changed in globals)

Works with or without Softkeys\Statusbar (must adjust Globals).

I used a grid with 8 Cols and 12 Rows and LL with Javascript.
May work with other Launchers too, but need Customizations.

A lot of Globals to customize.
Notifications shown for:
Whatsapp, TypeApp, GMail, Hangouts, Phone.
If you use others please adjust by yourself.

Count for Events on current Day will be shown above Date on top.
** additional files**

** Installation **

    Kustom LWP

Start KLWP > Load Preset> Installed > select MYST for Kustom
Set Screens x=2, Y=2
check shortcuts for your apps / check globals
if you have softkeys try global frombot =80

    Lightning Launcher

Download myst_LLTemplate from link above
copy file to /sdcard/LightningLauncher/
In LL goto Settings > Lightning > Backup, restore ... > select myst_LLTemplate
Replace. No Wallpaper.

Check in Desktopsettings > System bars > Navigation bar and Content overlap
Set as it works for you.

Javascript must be enabled.

Have fun and Rock on

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