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06. 20. 2016




4.4 and up
Depth Of Fieldis a preset\template for Kustom LWP

You need KLWP

You may need Lightning Launcher

** Description **
1 Mainpage with Weather, Music & Agenda
1 Wheel for Communicationapps
1 Sidebar with Favorites
1 Notificationpanel

Alarm in statusbar is colored when alarm is set
Nice animations.

Works with or without Softkeys\Statusbar (must adjust Globals) and different Launchers.

If you do not use LL you need to setup the Favoritespanel, and customize Touch/Scroll Animations (see last Picture)

I used a grid with 8 Cols and 12 Rows and LL.
A lot of Globals to customize.
Notifications shown for:
Whatsapp, TypeApp, GMail, Hangouts, Phone.
If you use others please adjust by yourself.

** additional files**
LLTemplate and Icons

** Installation **

    Kustom LWP

Start KLWP > Load Preset> Installed > select DOF for kustom
Set Screens x=2, Y=2 (or 1 if you gave no vertical scroll)
check shortcuts for your apps / check globals
if you have softkeys try global frombot =80

If you have a launcher without vertical scroll.
Watch last picture. Deactivate animations in "messages" for vertical scroll
and activate the other two for "toggle Global" > shwmsg.

    Lightning Launcher

Download dof_LLTemplate from link above
copy file to /sdcard/LightningLauncher/
In LL goto Settings > Lightning > Backup, restore ... > select dof_LLTemaplate
Replace. No Wallpaper.

Check in Desktopsettings > System bars > Navigation bar and Content overlap
Set as it works for you.

Have fun and Rock on

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