Compound [light] Substratum (Android Oreo/Nougat)

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Published by:

Daniel Schott




10. 23. 2017




6.0 and up
100% self-made icons

This theme will NOT work on a Samsung device with Stock Rom

I strongly advise you to only use this theme on OMS Roms.You must also have the Substratum app installed (

There can be small/big bugs on Stock/Legacy Roms, depending on your Rom/phone model!

If you use ProjectFi: DON'T apply status bar icons overlay!

xhdpi,xxhdpi,xxxhdpi are officially supported! It should work on lower dpi phones too but there might be some issues!

You can currently choose between 29 primary colors and 25 accent colors (number will grow)

Install Instructions:

1. Download & install the app
2. Open Substratum app
3. When Substratum opens give it full root permissions and also check to allow system modifications
4. Click on Compound and wait for it to create the resource caches then click on Compound again
5. Inside Compund check the switch Select to toggle all overlays or just select the overlays you want to install
6. Click the round button at the bottom and select Build & Enable

Themed apps:

- systemui
- navigation bar
- framework
- settings
- android browser
- calculator
- contacts
- AOSP dialer
- documentsui
- email
- gallery
- AOSP keyboard
- Android messaging
- Google App
- Google Chrome
- Google Dialer
- Google Play Store
- Google Inbox
- Google Messenger
- Google Plus
- Google Translate
- Google Contacts
- Google Mail
- Google Keyboard
- Google Keep
- Google Hangouts
- Youtube
- Instagram
- Greenify
- Pipette
- Matlog
- Tumblr
- Whatsapp
- SuperSU

If you have any issues or requests don't hesitate to contact me via email!

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