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07. 10. 2016




2.3.3 and up
***** Added Support For Lollipop *******

Androrec+ does not work for some phones due to limitations of hardware and OS. So please, try our free version Androrec (v1.9 or greater) from play store ( before buying this one. If Androrec does not work for your phone, then please do not buy Androrec+.

Call recording is not legal in some countries. Please respect the law of your land if you belong to such a country.


New : Users can now restrict call recording by defining Blacklist and Whitelist from settings and also can change the theme to dark or light.

► One tap Enable/Disable call recording.
► Option to select a custom location to keep the recording files
► Records all incoming and outgoing calls without limits.
► Can record in amr or mp4 or 3gp format (Configurable).
► Log of the recorded calls can be viewed from the application which includes the details of the call like contact number/name, exact date time as well as duration of the call making it easy to track all your calls from the application.
► The logs can be filtered by contact, date, duration or direction (Incoming/Outgoing).
► Recordings can be played, deleted or archived from the application itself.
► Recordings can be sent via email, dropbox or any similar applications from the application.
► Option to delete, archive or send multiple recordings simultaneously.
► Option to hide notification during call recording.
► Option to show notification with transparent icons which will enable long call recording and also hide the recording icon by using transparent icon.
► Option to hide the recordings from default media player list.
► Option to show pop up after the call to keep or discard the recording.
► Option to keep deleted recordings in trash folder for few days (configurable number of days) before actually deleting the record to avoid accidental delete.
► No Network access needed
► Enable/Disable recording based on blacklist/whitelist
► Change application theme

There is some issue in call recording with KitKat release. Please try the free version before using the Androrec+.

Please share any issues faced with the current release of Androrec+ as this is a major update. Do not rate us badly without providing a chance to correct the issue.

Either uninstall or disable call recording in any other call recording applications installed in your phone including Androrec (free version) before using Androrec plus

All the recordings will bydefault be stored in your primary SD card in androrec folder. The location can be changed from the settings. All previous recordings from Androrec (free) will also be available in Androrec plus log even if the free version is uninstalled.

Note : Please do not rate bad, if you have bought Androrec Plus without trying Androrec free version (Version 1.9 or greater). For any issues please write us to [email protected] We will try our best to resolve your issue.