Dragonfall - Legendary Revival

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Aiyingyong Games




04. 22. 2016




4.0.3 and up
Have you ever dreamed of commanding Dragons? Now, try it here in Dragonfall, a wonderful hard-core MMO strategy game! Play for free with Millions of players and make prudent choices for each step of your growth, or bear the risk of defeats! Join an Alliance to fight for the throne with the ultimate power of Dragons, win a place for your kingdom in this land of fantasia!

You, a heroic warlord of the Knights, died in the crusade against the Black Dragon. But for an unknown purpose the evil dragon resurrected you, granted you the mysterious ability of commanding other dragons. By coming back you find the Empire been ripped apart by betrayers, and the civilians suffer deeply from the war. Will you unify the broken Empire again? Will you be strong enough to take vengeance on the Black Dragon? Establish your kingdom, build your army, and prove yourself in the cruel war field!


★ Vertical screen, easy typing, chat freely with millions of players from worldwide
☆ Choose a ground in Grass, Snow and Desert to start a highly customizable kingdom
★ Cultivate Red, Blue and Green Dragons, gain an initiative on enemy territory!
☆ Multiple types of armies to build, countering feature gives more possibilities
★ Start warfare at any time, raid and eliminate anyone blocking your way
☆ Join a mighty Alliance, accelerate the growth and back up allies in conflicts
★ Research diverse technologies to boost economy, military and kingdom defense
☆ Enroll the Alliance War, and even scramble for the Throne of the land!