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Xalops Studios



01. 02. 2015




2.2 and up
Archivist Elements was created with the concept of working with any Fantasy based Pen & Paper game available. Whether you play D&D, Imagine, Pathfinder, or a different tabletop RPG; Archivist Elements is meant to make your Dungeon Mastering or Game Mastering simpler and faster.

Have you ever needed ideas for your tabletop rpg campaign? Or maybe your players have asked you questions that you weren't expecting?

"What herbs do I find in the woods?"
"Whats the weather like today?"
"What does that commoner in the streets look like?"
"What does this piece of jewelry look like?"

Archivist Elements can provide answers to all of these "elements" of your game world plus more.

We would greatly welcome any feedback about how to make this a more useful tool for your gaming group.

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Below is listed all the permissions we currently require and why we require them.

-Read/Write External Storage: We require this permission so that the app can take pictures, of the information Archivist is currently displaying, and save them to a folder called "ArchElem" on the phone.