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3D FPV - DJI Phantom + Inspire

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Published by:

VISUAL VERTIGO Software Technologies GmbH




05. 09. 2016




4.2 and up
Fly along with your drone with real-time 3D viewing!

Key Features:

- 2D and 3D FPV for any VR
- Gimbal head tracking
- Drone 360 head tracking
- HDR PLUS image capturing and stitching software
- Toggle between drone camera and rear iPhone camera
- 3D image capturing capability
- Flight OSD display (height, speed, satellites, distance, etc.)
- Full control of DJI drone (image & video capturing via remote buttons, exposure adjustment, etc.)
and much more!

Compatible with:
- DJI Phantom 3 Standard
- DJI Phantom 3 Advanced
- DJI Phantom 3 Professional
- DJI Inspire 1 (X3, X5 and Pro)

Simply connect your iPhone to the DJI remote controler via USB (or Wi-Fi using P3 Standard). Insert your Android phone into a VR headset, and you are instantly transported into the skies.

Visual Vertigo's patented technology is based on single lens cameras! It converts the live video feed into real 3D right on your mobile device using the app 3D FPV app with zero latency!

You'll embark on the most epic flight of your life. The real-time 3D experience will give you a vertigo feeling that is out of this world.

This app is compatible with the Phantom 3 Advanced, Phantom 3 Professional and Inspire 1.

(Phantom 3 Standard support coming 12th of March)

Use any virtual reality headset that can hold an Android phone to enjoy 3D FPV!

Press C1 on the remote to capture your 3D screen shot.
Press C2 on the remote to toggle between phone camera and DJI drone camera.