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07. 01. 2016




4.0.3 and up
Thenext generationin document scanning with thevisart® image quality.Now new available !

Scan all kind of media:
document, whiteboard, recipe, bill, magazine, blackboard, beamer projection, flipchart, timetable, letter, exercise book, note, shield, map ...

A scanner for all circumstances

In the office
Scan documents, whiteboards & bills

On the way
Scan timetables, maps, pricelists & menus

On conferences & speeches
Scan beamer presentations, tables & flipcharts

For students & scholars
Scan the blackboard, homework & the exercise books

Intuitive user interface & effective filtering
Simple scan & enhancement of image quality.

Robust image algorithms
Works with difficult lighting situations.

Full resolution image processing
The scanning is so precise that it makes the small print readable.

With the integrated modul visPDF
Create multipage PDF files from your scans and images.

Easy for beginners
• full illustrated help files & easy tutorial included.

Automatic cropping
• choose scan area by tapping with automatic border detection

Individual image processing
• best results by media type filtering:
☆ Document ☆
☆ Magazine ☆
☆ Whiteboard ☆
☆ Blackboard ☆
☆ Flipchart ☆
☆ Projector ☆
• reducing shadowing, lighting effects, spots & glass mirroring
increase contrast of characters → for more readability
correct coloring for data projectors
• amazing dirtiness filter for blackboards
• all filter with full color support
• at near all cases the file size decreased → for more disk storage

Unique fine adjustment
• floating panels for fine adjustment → optimal quality
• adjust coloring, brightness & contrast
• 3 modes: color, gray and b & w

Strong unique PDF compression
• typical 50% less file size of PDF document scans

Fast image processing
• algorithms are speed optimized
• processing in full camera resolution (up to 20 megapixel tested)
• less calculation time saves energy

Printer optimized
• with the document filter reprint the scan on a real printer (supporting printer app needed)

Immersive interface
• optional sound effects
• optional vibration for more immersion

• File formats: JPG & PDF
Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, Evernote, Onedrive
• Email, bluetooth & album gallery