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08. 22. 2016




4.0 and up
VirCities is a totally unique economic and political simulator developed on basis of real mechanisms of state administration and interaction with the political life of society.

Become a citizen of one of the largest megacities of any country you like, and embark on the path of power struggle, leading your people to riches, prosperity, and glory. It is for you to decide how to take over the government: you can win a clean election, or put your contenders out of the way by dint of Byzantine politics, you can come into power by organizing a classic color revolution or by launching an ingenious multi-move combination, which could bring to shame even the notorious Niccolò Machiavelli.

Become a mayor, and you will lead not only your friends and virtual fellow citizens, but also players from other cities, strengthening diplomatic relations, creating international military alliances and conglomerates in course of war over power and resources – you can found your own dynasty. You will have to raise your city and country from the most modest beginnings up to the pinnacle of fame.

Secularism, autocracy, democracy, tyranny — everything is in your hands! Get on your way to omnipotence and total dominance!

The game features allow you to:
*CHOOSE your city and start on your way to riches and power
Become a citizen of vWarsaw, vMoscow, vKiev, vBerlin, vParis, vKuala Lumpur, vIstanbul and many others
*ESTABLISH industrial enterprises and financial corporations to control cash flows
*EXTERMINATE gangs and oppositions in your city and get new military ranks and fame
*ATTACH yourself to a political party and struggle for power
*DEVELOP your professional skills of a lumberjack, farmer, miner, publisher, doctor, or coach and raise up your social status on your way to glory
*TRAIN and improve your athletic skills, and take prizes for winning competitions
*STRUGGLE for power during Big Fights for your city and win
*BECOME the wealthiest and the most illustrious ruler over the history of VirCities!

If you face any problem during the game or if you would like to leave your comments or suggestions - please, contact us by: [email protected]

We thank you for your stay with us and wish you a good game!