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04. 26. 2016




2.3 and up
Create graphs (simple, weighted, directed and/or multigraphs) and run algorithms step by step. Learn graph theory interactively... much better than a book!

27 algorithms to choose from:

- Depth-first search (DFS)
- Breadth-first search (BFS)
- Count connected components (using BFS)
- Greedy coloring
- BFS coloring
- Dijkstra's algorithm (shortest path)
- A*/A-star (shortest path, Euclidean distance)
- DFS spanning tree
- BFS spanning tree
- Prim's algorithm (minimum spanning tree)
- Kruskal's algorithm (minimum spanning tree/forest)
- Bridge edges finding
- Articulation points/cut vertices finding
- Eulerian graph detection
- Semi-Eulerian graph detection
- Tarjan's algorithm for strongly connected components in directed graphs
- Tree detection
- Bipartite graph detection
- Complete graph detection
- Tree center (unweighted graph)
- Tree center (weighted graph)
- Tree radius
- Tree diameter
- Tree node eccentricity
- Tree centroid
- Complement (inverse) graph
- Fleury's algorithm (Eulerian cycles/paths in Eulerian and semi-Eulerian graphs)

...and more to come!

Create a graph manually, or use the special graph creation tool to create one of the following graphs:

- Cycle
- Star
- Wheel
- Complete
- Petersen
- Herschel
- Bipartite
- Grötzsch
- Platonic (Tetrahedron, Cube, Octahedron, Icosahedron, Dodecahedron)
- Grid


- Dozens of graph algorithms to choose from
- Step by step execution
- Create simple graphs and multigraphs
- Create weighted and unweighted graphs
- Create directed and undirected graphs
- Show/hide node degrees
- Loop edges & multi-edges support
- Custom node labels
- Custom node radius
- Custom edge weights
- Detailed execution log for all available algorithms
- Export graph as image to photo gallery
- Export graph as SVG vector file
- Save your graphs and load them later
- Graph statistics (number of nodes, number of edges, node degrees, Eulerian, semi-Eulerian, connected components, adjacency list)
- Pinch to zoom

Supported languages:

- English
- Spanish