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Luis Ángel Marquina




05. 17. 2016




4.1 and up
You can watch this intro video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0TcCwE24b-c

Load Video Stream links and HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) or IPTV URL's, Extract movie links from your favorite site. Create lists of links. Process it with Javascript libraries or create your own libraries easily. Playback on embed player, your TV or networked device and download content locally. Share lists, libraries, ALL, with friends and family.
Watch & Share is a powerful tool that you put YOUR limit.

Quick start: Click on Options icon on header and select "Load Respository" (After that, libraries are updated always when you start the App). With "Load Repository" you'll get sample modules/libraries and two lists (IPTV (150+ Channels, some outdated, you can add/modify on your own) and Module Patterns. English language users take a look to "Watch Movies All" "All Movies Stream", "Solar Movie",library (Whole site is there!!!).
"Film Streaming" "Full Stream" in French, ""Filme Streamz" "Kinox" in German, "Film per Tutti", "Streaming01" in Italian, "Filmes Online Gratis" in Portuguese, "Filmi Full Izle" in Turkish, "ZPeliculas" "Gnula" "PeliculasDK" in Spanish or original version and so on.

NOTE: If you open "Watch&Share" from an external App via Android "Share" option (Browser, Youtube, etc) you need push "gear" button to process the URL with libraries already loaded.

"Watch & Share" is a powerful tool to extract and create lists of links of videos for you to use and enjoy and share with family and friends. Watch movies on player embed or send content to your Smart TV, Chromecast or your Media Center through this or another App on your phone and share a collection of links or other content.
Process links with libraries that can gradually append from the repository or create your own if you have at least basic knowledge of Javascript. These libraries are simply JS functions to be executed within a secure "iframe sandbox". No spy through no annoying advertising servers, everything will be in your phone and all can share.
The potential for "Watch & Share" is the same as the network itself because it allows to interact with links through libraries way you want.
In http://vaporexpress.comxa.com/ page you can see several examples of libraries (Vimeo, zPelículas, Gnula, SeriesDanko, WatchMoviesAll, etc) and check its potential.

NOTE: This App is a simple open tool as is a browser where the user is who decides what to watch. The libraries that process links are like extensions of a browser but in this case you can create them easily and / or modify to your liking. The App will add them as if were part of itself.

The App can use third-party applications you have installed on your phone, you can add them as favorites apps and send the contents through it to other Internet services like WhatsApp, Gmail, your media center Kodi / XBMC,, Chromecast, Smart TV etc. through specialized apps in that endeavor. Making it all work together for your convenience.
But also, much of the functionality is included in the App itself (Media player, media controls, etc).

There are apps that extract links to some video servers (AndStream, for example) but "Watch & Share libraries" go much further. Through them you can navigate a page links, which want and give you the functionality that you like. Check out the repository and see how simple can get.

In http://vaporexpress.comxa.com/ site you have documentation in Spanish (aoutdated now with lastest changes), will be added soon other languages. App will be translated into more languages. Currently available are English, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Turkish, Russian, Korean, Japanese and Simplified Chinese.

IMPORTANT: The developer is not responsible for any misproper use of this application or any copyright infringment. If you download and use the Watch&Share app, you agree to this particular term of service.